The technology whose time has come! Smart whitelisting vs Enumerating Badness

        The traditional computer protection method from malware attacks involves comparing an infinite variety of incoming files and data to an exponentially growing list of known malware. Why is it so? Because this method is based on a common antivirus concept that involves "Enumerating Badness". Armies of security analysts in every antivirus firm are trying to find new and new malicious code day after day (virus, worms, trojan, keylogger, backdoors and other malware) to register it, put into the antivirus database and send updates to their customers. Just think about it: according to independent security investigators such as NSS Lab, as many as 50,000 new malware instances are created by cyber criminals daily. Thousands of people every day fall victim to unnumbered of security threats. It takes only seconds for your PC to become infected by malware when you surf on Internet, insert a flash card into a USB slot and so on.
        How many security analysts does every antivirus company need to employ to identify and register all the malware that exists with the influx of 50,000 new instances every day? Of course, security companies share malware samples, but if some malicious code goes undetected for even for a couple days it can spread around, infect machines and steal sensitive data. Being undetected for even a short period of time provides malware enough of a window to infect corporate networks as well as individual computers through Internet.
        The concept "Enumerating Badness" involving the detection and registration of every single piece of malware in the world is the most common computer security method dragging from the last century. But it looks like in the 21th century it has stopped working. Here is list of some victims of most serious hacking attacks in 2011: computer security vendor RSA, Lockheed Martin, Sony, Google, Citibank, just to name a few. Do these international giants have antivirus software on their computers? Definitely. So, what happened? They all fell victim to the concept of "Enumerating Badness".
        According to a Cyveillance report, on average it takes an antivirus vendor 11 days to make sure their product recognizes a new instance of malicious software. Industry leaders can do it within three days. Three days, and only seconds to get infected! And what will happen, if within these three days you'll login to bank account via online banking? It so clear... But even if your antivirus database is fully up to date, you still cannot relax because the "Enumerating Badness" concept has another bad surprise for you, which is called "allow by default". If "Enumerating Badness" based does not know exactly that a certain program is malicious, it allows this program to be executed. Good idea? No fear!
        Ask yourself, how many programs do you use on a daily basis? Three? Five? Twenty? Would not it be more effective to identify those and block everything else from executing?! That is one of what Security Expert Pro does! The idea is to enumerate goodware and deny execution to any unknown code without user authorization? If you think so, just download and try Security Expert Pro.
        We have developed a technology that secures your system by identifying and enumerating a couple of hundreds of goodware once, based on installed operating system and applications, instead of needing to recognize 50,000 pieces of new malware every day. Everithing else only after your authorization. This is the technology whose time has come! We offer our customers a revolutionary approach to protect of your system and applications as well as safety of your data. The integrated cyber-security environment Security Expert Pro will protect your system and applications from zero-day attacks, advanced persistent threats, drive-by-downloads attacks, unknown viruses, trojans, worms, spyware, backdoors etc. Plus, you will get an excellent software security instrument for system investigations and removal of any type of malware from your computer.

Security Expert Pro as stand alone or additional layer of protection from hackers attack


System Process Control to enhance your cyber security level

System Process Control
(a.k.a Smart Whitelisting)

Control of processes running on your computer. Intelligent recognition of software and control of its integrity. No execution of unknown software without your authorization.  Automatic logging of all processes executed with detailed information about the start and the finish of each process, parent process, etc.

System Network Control to enhance your network security level
Process Network Control
(a.k.a Process Based Firewall)

Flexible, eight-level system of network control for all processes, including the system. Logging of all network connections with detailed information about the start and the end of each network connection.
Process compromising control and your cybersecurity


Process Compromising Control

Evaluation of the potential level of threat posed by the process. Real-time display of the level of  compromise for each process that helps you quickly and effectively to eliminate potential threats to the system.


Rootkit activity control


Rootkit Activity Control

Deals with the most dangerous type of threat that allows malware to remain invisible. The Rootkit Activity Control reports any suspicious activity in the kernel of the operating system, e.g., changes in the  System Descriptors Table, violation of integrity of core kernel components, etc

What's the best securiy solution?Anti malware protection technology which you can really trust

Safety of your computer system is a synergy of protection software and your own brain. If you only relying on protective properties of the software you will never be fully safe. Only using your own intelligence you can be confident that your valuable data will not vanish in thin air on one fine day. Security software only helps you feel confident. What's the best antivirus? Microsoft Security Essentials? Norton Internet Security? Avast, Comodo, AVG? Now ask yourself. Can any company cope with the influx of 50,000 new instances of malware per day using a traditional signature-based approach? Yes, antivirus is not bad solution if you have no idea what the computer is. But if are reading this page you are understand it at least. The Security Expert Pro is fresh look to the cyber security which helps to control everything on your PC, without signature-based approach. The other important its feature is that by using it you will not only be able to protect your system from hacker attacks but also get trained in computer security. And it is a very important thing, because the more you know about cyber security, the better you are protected. With advanced features and capabilities Security Expert Pro makes a perfect choice for advanced users and security professionals. It also makes an excellent system tools for your routine work with options to: search, edit, split and merge, backup and restore, calculate hash, disassemble and so on of data in hexadecimal-format anywhere on your PC. It does not involve the signature-based concept. This means that you do not need to pay a subscription fee each year. You pay only one time. Our unique protection technology does not generate extra network traffic to keep signature database up to date. We are not spying on you and do not collect statistics about your PC, as anti-viruses vendors. On the contrary! Only with Security Expert Pro you can get rid of cyber spying, even if it comes from well known vendor (unfortunately it has become commonplace in our time). Feel the difference and keep everything under control on your PC.

Security Expert Pro brief view

pc protection software Full control of any process on your system
pc protection virus List of trusted processes for high level protection
computer protection software Process snapshots for the comprehensive analysis of the internals
laptop protection software Uses more than 30 sensors detecting cybersecurity events
internet protection software Maximum performance using minimum system resources
computer security software Simple and flexible network management system for every process
windows protection virus Suspends and informs of any suspicious network activity
windows protection virus removal tool Alert of suspicious activity in kernel level
how to remove malware
Just couple mouse clicks to disassebmby, search, edit, backup
and restore, calculate hash etc. of data in hexadecimal-format
anywhere. (virtual memory, hard drive, flash card, optical drive etc.)

Antivirus software for PC
prevent hackers attack
Minimum Hardware
No special requirements. If Windows work on your PC the Security Expert Pro will be work too. You need about 10 MB free hard drive space only!